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To shop contact #1(905)955-8080 using preferred method, add to your list at anytime and confirm when finished. Only confirmed products/containers  and cost will be delivered in a beautiful wooden box, that will look stylish anywhere.

Product delivered in a refillable container

When you add to your list,  a shop page is generated of choices for you. Choose from our contributors, ask your favourite store to offer zero waste delivery with re.philable or get us to do the work for you. Save by refilling and buying in bulk.


Upon delivery we pick up empty containers to be refilled along with some non-recyclable items to donate to schools and artists for crafts and learning, even old batteries etc. to be returned properly. Use the wooden box that your products are delivered in to store while waiting for pick up.


Why pay an hourly fee to find and deliver your products? Because this allows the savings of each product you buy to be passed onto you. Our cost will decrease the more customers we have and by supporting small businesses, that savings is then passed onto you. Get everything you need delivered in a refillable container and more at re.philable...Making your home and business zero waste. Consultations available for homes and businesses worldwide.

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Contact a customer service specialist and add to your shopping list by texting straight from your phone anytime.



Choose the most convenient place for you to  add to your shopping list so you can share pictures to create and build a product made for you.

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With this app anyone can add to the shopping list! The whole family can add to one list from anywhere!

how it works

Choose your products and containers

Our products come in the best refillable container for quality control of the contents, reheating/storing needs and safety. 

You can also choose the container you want refilled and the contents to have it made for you, including a large refill size.

Our contributors are local businesses,  proudly made in Canada and innovative Worldwide companies to create Eco-friendly shopping online with re.philable's zero waste delivery. 

When we pick up your empty and cleaned containers, a numbered seal is placed to ensure freshness. The sealed container then is delivered to be refilled. Once delivered the company then removes the seal to refill. Then replaces that seal with a fresh seal to be delivered back to the customer. At no time should a container be used or refilled without the presence of said seal. (That wherein accordance to and by Canadian Health and Safety  standards and approved businesses) Each product comes with with an instruction label before professionally delivered to you. 


Design your own to fit your lifestyle, event or even if you need to make the container easy to open, child proof, LARGER font and more are available in our custom orders. Learn how to save by refilling your containers and buying in bulk.

Find home and beauty products that are all natural, vegan, handmade and some even made for you. Choose from a variety of companies, get us to find a product for you and more.

Please feel free to contact us for any product or contributor not visible, it may be available in our custom orders or if you want re.philable to deliver your products in refillable containers.

Our serving options

Our products come in five different sizes

#1.Small #2.Medium #3.Large   

#4.Single Serve  

#5.Mixing Container

A Mixing Container allows you to add ingredients to the container, Single Serve can also be a type of Mixing Container. This option is great for making meals on the go easy. Try the large container to refill your containers for every room in your home.

Reduce the amount of dishes, garbage, recycling, and food waste you create by mixing, cooking and eating out of the same container. All containers come with freshness seal with expiry suggestion. On the labels are care instructions about storage, reheating and care for it's contents, some guidelines apply. 

Pick re.philable because we care about all you zero waste needs.

Repeat for a zero waste lifestyle

Watch for info on our Kickstarter crowdfund to expand across Canada, let us know if you want to be a part of #savingtheworld

 Find information on similar communities, like minded brands, handmade products, local businesses, Canadian and Worldwide innovative companies. Check out all of our holiday, recipes, idea pages and ways to do it yourself or let us do the work for you. fb@productsinrefillablecontainers     IG@rephilable